Code Red Alert System

Code Red allows the Police, Fire Dept, and City to send important automated messages directly through text message, email, or by voice call. This can be extremely important during an emergency.
Click HERE for information on how to register for this service and frequently asked questions.

Design Control Zone

If your Property is in the Design Control area of Ferndale (refer to map listed below) you will need to obtain a Design Review Permit to make any outside changes to your property. This includes painting, fences, decks, and windows. If you are unsure if you need a permit, or are in the Design Control area, please call City Hall (707)786-4224. A brochure is also provided below to help better understand the Design Review/Historical Districts.

Water & Sewer

Water Service in the City of Ferndale is provided by Del Oro Water Company. There phone number is (530)717-2500. Any question regarding water should be referred to Del Oro. The City Sewer fees are assessed through your property taxes through the Humboldt County Assessors Office. If you have any questions regarding these fees, please contact City Hall (707)786-4224.

Gas & Electricity

Pacific Gas & Electric Company, (800)743-5000,


Frontier Communications: (855)277-4912, (855)325-2599

Suddenlink Communications: (888)592-3861

Mail & Postal Services

Ferndale does not have home delivery mail service in many areas. Please check the post office to see if you are eligible for home delivery. Post office boxes are available at the local post office located at 536 Main Street. The post office is opened Monday through Friday 8:30 am- 5:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am-12:00 pm. Access to post office boxes is available 24 hours a day. For additional information visit the office during open hours.

Weekly Garbage Pick-Up and/or Curbside Recycling

Eel River Resource Recovery, (707)725-5156. Regular garbage pick-up day is on Friday every week. For curbside recycling and Green Waste, Eel River Resource Recovery will provide every other week pick up service for all customers on Friday’s every other week of each month. Residents can arrange to participate in this program by calling Eel River Resource Recovery.

Other Info

  • Property owners are responsible for and must maintain sidewalks in front of their property.
  • Property owners are responsible for keeping the curb and gutter clean in front of their property.
  • Property owners who border the creek must keep the creek free of debris and flowing.
  • Drainage easements may be the responsibility of the property owner and must be maintained.
  • Sewer laterals must be inspected before the sale of any property with a City sewer hookup. Contact Public Works at 707-786-5040 or the Chief Plant Operator at 786-9694.
  • Contact the city before allowing a sewer service agency to clear your sewer lines, as the city will not pay for blockages pushed into our lines.
  • The City of Ferndale has a leash law. When dogs are outside they must be kept inside the yard or on a leash. Owners are responsible to pick up their dog’s droppings.
  • Bed & Breakfasts, hotels, and motels pay a transient occupancy tax. (Bed Tax).
  • Any place preparing or serving food will pay a fee for an annual health inspection.
  • Anyone doing business in the City of Ferndale must have a Business License. Businesses in any zone other than commercial may require a home-occupation permit.

For information concerning the above or any other laws or restrictions feel free to contact the City of Ferndale at 707-786-4224.