The City of Ferndale was designated as a State Historic Landmark in 1975 by the California State Parks, Office of Historic Preservation. The Design Review Committee was formed by the City Council as a sub committee of the Planning Commission. The Design Review Committee consists of five members which includes one member of the Planning Commission and four at-large members of the community. At large members are appointed by the Ferndale City Council. The Design Review Committee ensures that the rules and regulations governing modifications to historic and design-controlled buildings are followed by using a permit process. Property owners who live or own a business in the historic or design-controlled zones must apply for a permit and receive approval before any outside changes to the property can be made. If you have any questions regarding the permit process, please call the City Clerk at (707)786-4224.
The Design Review Committee meets regularly on the 4th Thursday of the month at 8:30am in the Ferndale Town Hall Lounge, 834 Main Street, Ferndale.

Design Review Committee

Ellin Beltz, Chair
Jorgen von Frausing-Borch, Vice-Chair
Marc Daniels
Julie Hadley
Daniel Lawrence