Recycling Information for City of Ferndale

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The City of Ferndale makes it easy to recycle much of your trash, keeping it out of landfills or being illegally dumped.

There are several recycling dumpsters located behind the Police Department at 600 Berding St. Plastics, metals, paper and cardboard are accepted.

Eel River Disposal offers single stream curbside recycling for city residents, as well as a drop-off location in Fortuna, where you can recycle many more materials, such as vehicles, as well as receive pay-back for CRV items.

Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) owns and operates a transfer station that includes garbage drop off, green waste drop off, a recycling center and a household hazardous waste collection facility.  They are located at 1059 West Hawthorne, Eureka CA. Mandatory Commercial Recycling Notice (pdf)