City of Ferndale Police Department

Emergency Calls Only: 911 or 786-4225

Non-Emergency Calls: 786-4025
600 Berding St.
Ferndale, CA 95536

Bret Smith
Police Chief: Bret Smith

The Victorian Village of Ferndale and the surrounding western Eel River valley share a blending of neighborhood and self-reliance. The small-town character, together with the isolated setting encourage a kinship of folks passionate about their homes and lives, actively involved in the social and economic fabric of their community.

The Ferndale Police Department recognizes the community of Ferndale to be unique in its heritage. We respect its past and special sense of place, while working toward its future.

The members of the Ferndale Police Department accept the responsibility for the protection and safety of our community. We value honesty and integrity and are dedicated to defending the constitutional rights of our citizens, operating on the basis of respect and equality for all.

Chief Bret Smith
Sergeant Adam Stricker
Officer Tyler James
Officer Faraz Soltani
Officer Robert Wideman
Officer Chris Williams
Reserve Officer Lee Haldorson