Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Ferndale City Hall.

Download the Current Planning Packet for the next Planning Commission meeting.

Minutes and previous Planning Commission packets are available in the archive section. The filenames for the Planning Commission packet and minutes in the archive section have the format yymmdd-PlanningPacket.pdf or yymmdd- PlanningMinutes.pdf where yy is the year, mm is the month, and dd is the day of the meeting.

Commissioners Appointed Term Expires
Jorgen Von Frausing-Borch, Chair 2/12/1996 3/1/2019
Ellin Beltz 3/19/2015 3/19/2019
Paul Gregson 2/5/2015 3/1/2020
Dean Nielsen 12/20/2012 3/1/2018
Jerry Rocha 9/15/2016 3/1/2021

Planning Commission Committees:

Timber Harvest Plan Review Committee: David Walters, Jorgen Von Frausing-Borch,Tom Stephens
Design Review Committee: Jeff Farley, Chair; Ellin Beltz, Kerry Chartkoff, Paul Gregson, Marc Daniels

Design Review Docs

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New Less than 10 days old
New Less than 30 days old

# File Name Size Updated On Downloaded
1   Image 180920-DesignPacket.pdf 2820K 9/13/2018 6
2   Image 180830-DesignPacket..pdf 4599K 8/23/2018 0
3   Image 180802-DesignPacket.pdf 6716K 7/25/2018 4
4   Image 180719-DesignPacket.pdf 3481K 7/12/2018 5
5   Image 180712-DesignPacket.pdf 2926K 7/3/2018 3
6   Image 180628-DesignPacket.pdf 22094K 6/21/2018 14
7   Image 180607-DesignPacket.pdf 6864K 5/31/2018 5
8   Image 180517-DesignPacket.pdf 14142K 5/10/2018 16
9   Image 180322-DesignPacket.pdf 15835K 3/15/2018 17
10   Image 180222-DesignPacket.pdf 2112K 2/15/2018 20